Programmatic TV Innovation

We’re the first agency in the history of advertising to complete a fully integrated, cross–media video execution. Yeah that’s right, the first!

The Television advertising industry model hasn’t changed much in nearly a century. Finally, we cracked this closely guarded shell thanks to the disruption of self-service media buying and placement innovation. With penetration to over 90% of US Households, 80 leading cable networks and hundreds of local broadcasters, TV advertising has officially become digital and near real-time.

We may not have broken the Internet, but we sure destroyed the outdated Madison Avenue way of thinking. This isn’t about change – this is absolutely about transformation!!

How we Made Advertising History

Levelwing and our client, Gildan USA, partnered with leading enterprise software company TubeMogul to launch the first fully integrated video campaign across all screens simultaneously, including Linear TV (i.e. Broadcast/Cable/Satellite), Connected TV (i.e. AppleTV, Roku) and all online/digital formats - Mobile, Desktop and Tablet from a single platform.

“When our digital agency, Levelwing, came to us with an innovative opportunity to marry all of our video marketing efforts under a single unified platform we jumped at the chance. Our partnership simplifies the process and ensures our message is constantly optimized based on a single overarching goal to be as efficient as possible.” - Vice-President Marketing of Gildan USA

"Levelwing moved quickly to help us test our programmatic TV offering, bringing the intelligence of software to Gildan's TV advertising. They also made history, executing the first cross-screen video campaign, planned and executed through our software that spanned linear TV, connected TV, mobile video and standard desktop pre-roll. Their nimble, adaptive approach yielded great results for Gildan." - Brett Wilison, CEO and Co-Founder of TubeMogul

What this Means for the Future of Television Advertising

  • Simplification: One campaign, one report, one invoice.
  • Unified Messaging: Campaign goals can be clearly defined and optimized across tactics simultaneously to deliver as the message as efficiently as possible.
  • Audience-based marketing: Media consumption is increasingly fragmented and spread out among many sources. The cross-screen programmatic video campaign delivers messages to their audience regardless of the content, device or location in which it’s viewed.
  • Transparency: Viewing tactics within a single platform makes data readily available and easier to analyze.
  • Data speed: Reporting delivery and performance information is available in near real-time, enabling faster optimizations and reduced ad waste.
  • Data granularity: Reporting can be instantly segmented by geo, demo, time, site, app, device, creative etc.
  • Nimbleness: Removes the need for the TV upfront buying process. TV no longer needs to be bought months in advance based old data or hypothetical ratings.
  • Optimization speed: Instantly within a single platform change campaign settings, re-allocate dollars between any tactic, turn off underperforming sites or targeting, test new sites and targeting, pause entire campaigns, rotate or change creative, add incremental budget, adjust day and time delivery windows, revise flights, add or remove an audience target.

Services Provided

  • Strategic Planning
  • TV Media Planning & Buying
  • Connected TV Media Planning & Buying
  • Digital Video Media Planning & Buying
  • Market Research
  • Analytics Measurement