Marketing Analytics

We believe the right data changes everything.

We Turn Data Into Actionable Results.

Growing up in the Midwest, our President Jeff Adelson-Yan made the unfortunate decision to follow the Chicago Cubs. Had his choice been informed by data, perhaps he would have saved himself years of childhood heartache and recognized that the Cubbies wait hundreds of years between each World Series win. At Levelwing, we believe that the right data changes everything—and we don’t let limitations inhibit us when it comes to breaking down barriers to access the actionable data that can transform businesses. So whether you need an analytics solution to measure your digital media campaigns or you’re a heartbroken kid looking for a team with the best chance to win the World Series each year, the Levelwing team has the analytics power to help you Achieve What Could Be™.

For the record, Jeff has wised-up (Yes… the Cubs won one. But still. One championship in the last hundred years? C’mon!). He’s now a bandwagon fan for a half-dozen teams.

Marketing Analytics Services Offered

  • Market Research
  • Analytics Implementation 
  • Analytics Measurement & Custom Analyses
  • Database & Dashboard Development