We Are Levelwing.

Delightfully Offbeat. Digitally On Point.

Together, let’s create something epic.

Jeff Adelson-Yan

President & Co-Founder

Meet Levelwing’s professorial, left-brained leader. With a background rooted in geeky things like data and analytics, Jeff is obsessively passionate about understanding consumer behavior, as well as creating models that predict future events in order to produce more profitable revenue streams for our clients. Let's just say that Jeff is one of the few Psych majors that found his proper calling.

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Steve Parker, Jr.

CEO & Co-Founder

Meet Steve, Levelwing’s right-brained, big-picture guy. Steve has spent the last 21 years bringing brands to life through exciting and buzz-worthy digital strategies – including leading the digital strategies for clients in the last nine consecutive Super Bowls. Not too shabby for a guy who turned down a job with Google.

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The Best of Both Worlds

Imagine a world where marketing can be both brainy and bold. A world where social strategy actually puts the customer first. A world where analytics are intentional and actionable. We’re Levelwing, and that’s the world we live in. Our media, social and analytics services combine the best of left and right brain thinking; you might say we’re charismatically nerdy –
and we’re ok with that.


Our proverbial trophy shelf

We’re not in it for the awards and accolades, but we’d be lying if we said it wasn’t nice to be recognized for our charismatically nerdy approach.